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In this extremely broad and complex area, the challenge is equal to the technicality of the topic. An ambiguous or incorrect translation can have disastrous consequences.
Technology is constantly growing and developing rapidly in a globalized world: software, engineering, electronics, robotics... The emergence of new fields like artificial intelligence increases the need for translation. The scientific world works on the exchange and sharing of knowledge in a collaboration that transcends language barriers.

It is also essential to make this information accessible to as many people as possible to develop and sell your products or to legitimize your research: publications, conferences, online content, studies, theses and PhD, scientific research, technical notices, specifications, guides and tutorials, patents...

SYSTRAN has developed neural machine translation, a technology based on artificial intelligence. This advanced technology is enhanced by specialized translation models in the field of technology. Driven by our partners, experts in technological translations, they bring more precision and quality. With SYSTRAN Translate Pro, translate all your documents, even the largest ones, in real time and in multiple language combinations.

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