Protect your Intellectual Property across geographies with precise and accurate translation of your patents.

A company with foreign subsidiaries or wishing to export its products is required to file, and therefore translate, its patents and related documentation in the language of each country. Hundreds of thousands of patents in multiple fields are filed each year. For example, the simultaneous filing of a patent at European level is regulated and governed by formal rules.

The documentation required for the registration of a patent is considerable: international research reports, licensing contracts, assignments of patent rights, booklets and written notices of patent examiners, communications and notifications issued by patent offices or replies, bodies and applications addressed to those same offices...
The validation of a patent depends on the clarity, precision and relevance of the arguments developed. In this sensitive area, where both syntax and punctuation are essential, language translation must combine the specific terminology of the patent field, as well as the detailed knowledge in legal and patent terms.

By combining the best of automatic translation and human expertise, SYSTRAN is the best response to this challenge. We train translation models specially suited for patent translation so that you can translate very precisely large volumes of documents while ensuring their formatting stays preserved.

Languages: Chinese (simplified), English, German, Japanese, Korean

Owners: JET Patent and IP Translations Inc., SYSTRAN

10 models available

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JET Patent and IP Translations Inc.   Japanese English 2021-07-23 Test me!
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SYSTRAN   Japanese Korean 2021-07-01 Test me!
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