Speed up the processing of your international legal documents with machine translation tailored to this unique terminology.

Each legal specialty, from business law to intellectual property, has its own language that must be accurately translated. All countries have their own peculiarities, nuances, nomenclatures, and legal jargons. Quality translation ensures reliability and credibility regardless of the languages in which your documents are written.

Translate all your legal documents: contracts, terms of service, minutes, balance sheets, k-bis, court decisions, complaints, annual reports, results accounts, press releases, conventions, shareholders’ agreements...
Our legal translation models have been trained by our partners : translation agencies and industry professionals, to meet the requirements and terminology of our legal customers: lawyers, audit firms, legal tech...

Languages: Chinese (simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean

Owners: AILingGo, CrossLang, ISE, SYSTRAN, Terminotix

22 models available

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Owner   Source Target Locale Last update  
AILingGo   English Korean 2020-10-22 Test me!
AILingGo   Korean English 2020-10-22 Test me!
CrossLang   English Dutch 2019-10-24 Test me!
CrossLang   English German 2019-05-04 Test me!
CrossLang   German English 2019-05-07 Test me!
CrossLang   English French 2020-06-13 Test me!
CrossLang   French English 2020-10-28 Test me!
CrossLang   French German 2020-06-27 Test me!
CrossLang   German French 2020-06-27 Test me!
CrossLang   German Dutch 2019-12-04 Test me!
CrossLang   Dutch German 2019-12-11 Test me!
CrossLang   Dutch English 2019-10-12 Test me!
CrossLang   French Dutch 2019-10-09 Test me!
CrossLang   Dutch French 2019-10-09 Test me!
ISE ? Japanese Chinese Simplified 2020-10-15 Test me!
ISE ? Chinese (simplified) Japanese 2020-10-15 Test me!
SYSTRAN   English French 2021-10-14 Test me!
SYSTRAN   French English 2021-10-14 Test me!
SYSTRAN   Chinese (simplified) English 2019-09-22 Test me!
SYSTRAN   Japanese English 2019-10-30 Test me!
Terminotix   French English Loca CA 2020-10-15 Test me!
Terminotix   English French Loca CA 2020-10-15 Test me!