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For technical subjects, reliable translation is vital. Your communications are made in many languages which must accurately express all the nuances of your speech. The economy has become globalized, in the field of research and development and manufacturing, but also in the markets where your product is present.

SYSTRAN machine translation solution allows you to translate all types of documents (word, pdf, PowerPoint...) in real time while preserving their layout: technical notes, contracts, user manuals, installation or maintenance manuals, product sheets, specifications, calls for tenders, analysis reports...
SYSTRAN is the only translation solution to offer specific translation models, trained with quality data provided by experts in technical translation: industry, manufacturing and their other domains of activity.

Languages: Chinese (simplified), English, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Swedish


12 models available

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Owner   Source Target Locale Last update  
Because Group   Italian English 2020-06-22 Test me!
Because Group   English Italian 2020-06-19 Test me!
Because Group   Swedish German 2020-06-17 Test me!
Because Group   German Swedish 2020-06-18 Test me!
ISE ? Chinese (simplified) Japanese 2020-10-15 Test me!
ISE ? Japanese Chinese Simplified 2020-10-15 Test me!
KERN ? German English 2021-01-22 Test me!
KERN   English German 2021-05-10 Test me!
SYSTRAN   English German 2021-03-17 Test me!
SYSTRAN   German English 2021-03-17 Test me!
TECHNOGRAFIA   German Greek 2021-08-30 Test me!
TECHNOGRAFIA   Greek German 2021-08-30 Test me!