Produce your annual reports, balance sheets and tax reports in several languages while reducing the risk of confidential data leaks.

The financial sector increasingly uses translation services to ensure smooth and accurate processing of documents internationally. Globalization of the economy is increasing the pressure on the number of languages in which your documents must be available.
All your financial reports: accounts and annual reports, auditors’ reports, stock market analysis, financial audits... are translated in a single click. Whatever their format, the layout stays preserved with our professional document translation solution.

Our specialized translation models dedicated to the finance domain have been trained with quality data provided by specialist in the field of financial translation. You can also create and import your own dictionaries or translation memories, which allow you to define your own rules and ensure global consistency of your translations.

Languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, French, German


10 models available

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Owner Detail   Source Target Locale Last update  
KERN Finance   German English 2021-05-10 Test me!
KERN Finance   English German 2021-05-10 Test me!
SYSTRAN Finance   German English 2019-06-26 Test me!
SYSTRAN Finance   English German 2019-07-01 Test me!
SYSTRAN FinanceKYC   Chinese (traditional) English 2018-12-18 Test me!
SYSTRAN FinanceKYC   Chinese (simplified) English 2018-12-18 Test me!
SYSTRAN Finance   English French 2021-03-29 Test me!
SYSTRAN Finance   French English 2021-03-29 Test me!
SYSTRAN Finance   English Chinese Simplified 2021-04-09 Test me!
SYSTRAN Finance   Chinese (simplified) English 2021-04-09 Test me!