Make your educational content available across platforms with a multilingual approach.

Education is aimed at people all over the world who need to understand, exchange and sometimes translate information that is constantly updated and essential to their field of activity.
Concepts, training standards and learning materials are globalized and shared by all teachers, academics, students, researchers and all those who need to learn in order to acquire new knowledge or skills.

Progress in most educational fields - from culture to science - is most often the result of collaboration in an environment of international exchange and cooperation.
To develop, resources and knowledge must be shared and enriched in real time. The documents that need to be translated are multidisciplinary; they cover a wide variety of topics and media, on paper and/or online: PhD theses, scientific work, tutorials, textbooks, academic papers, training platforms, educational games, online courses... Making these different materials available in the native language of each student is to offer them a better chance of success.

SYSTRAN Translate PRO fulfills all the requirements of a language tool that meets these requirements:

  • Instant translation of large documents in any format, with a strict respect for original formatting and iconography.
  • A linguistic coverage of more than 55 languages, enriched and updated by our many partners, such as TED conferences whose multilingual data has been used to train our translation models.
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