Provide your employees with real-time translation in your enterprise chat conversation window.

How do you exchange and share information in real time in a globalized world? This is the challenge for all international companies that want to increase their efficiency and speed in order to conquer new markets.

A successful dialog happens in real time. SYSTRAN Translate Pro instantly translates conversations: your teams have immediate access to messages translated in their mother tongue, regardless of the source language or the medium used: emails, instant messaging, chatbots and chat applications (Microsoft Office Suite...) thanks to our "add-ins".
Translating customer requests, technical incidents, emails and conversations in real time, reduces costs and helps to improve performance, especially with a better responsiveness of teams who instantly understand the subject of the conversation. It gives you the essential communication tools to optimize the dialog between your employees and your customers.

The security of your data is not guaranteed when your employees translate confidential documents on free websites, their work emails for example. At SYSTRAN, security and confidentiality are part of our DNA, a priority for our professional translation solution. Translation takes place on our servers in Europe and for even stronger security needs, we also offer on-premise solutions or private cloud hosting.

Languages: English, French, Korean


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