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  • Create your own machine translation model
  • Connect to your CAT & TMS tools
  • Improve machine translation output
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CONNECT YOUR CAT & TMS toolswith Machine Translation

We know your CAT/TMS tools are essential to making your translation workflows as smooth as possible.

SYSTRAN integrates with the most popular CAT/TMS tools to give translators access to all our machine translation features without having to leave their favorite application.

We currently have available connectors for: Across, Déjà vu, MemoQ, MemSource, Ontram, SDL Trados Studio, SmartLing, Terminotix, Wordfast and XTM.

TRANSLATION MEMORIESto create your translation model

We know that language professionals are constantly striving to optimize their translation workflows to stay ahead of the competition. Take quality to the next level with SYSTRAN Model Studio, a new feature that offers automated training of your translation model!

Create your own customized translation model, trained with your own bilingual data or translation memories and increase machine translation quality significantly over generic translation. It’s totally simple – no need to be an AI expert!

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SYSTRAN Model Studio
Improve machine translation output


Language professionals must ensure consistency and quality when delivering projects. SYSTRAN helps you be more productive with advanced features developed to reduce the post-editing workload.

Customize your translation tool to your own terminology by importing or creating your own Glossaries and Translation Memories.

For XTM users, we have also recently developed a new feature that lets SYSTRAN Machine Translation convert mid-level fuzzy matches into functional translations in a flash.

Webinar: Model Studio : Easy, Quick and Customized Translation Model Training

Machine Translation works well in a generic context, but it doesn’t fully meet the expectations of professionals who are looking for a translation that is tailored to their industry and business jargon.

To improve the quality of your translation output, customization is essential, Model Studio is the solution!

In this webinar, Guersande Chaminade, Product Owner and Stéphanie Labroue, Account Manager at SYSTRAN will teach you how to create your own customized translation models with SYSTRAN Model Studio.

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Translate PRO API

For developers. Integrate SYSTRAN’s translation technology into your internal or external applications: customer service platforms, Business intelligence, collaborative platforms, etc.

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SYSTRAN Model Studio

Model Studio

Customization is a must-have for language professionals who need to optimize their translation workflows. Create your own customized translation model trained with your own data and increase translation productivity significantly over generic translation.

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