SYSTRAN Translator extension has well been added to Chrome!

Now you just to sign in (or sign up) by checking on the extension icon to start translating text and web pages while surfing on Chrome.

Drop file box to translate quickly

SYSTRAN Translate PRO helps you where you need it

Online Translator

Translate text and files in more 50 languages and locales. Get more insight with our dictionary and finetune your translation using formality level and alternative on words & sentences.

Browser Extensions

Translate easily some text input, a text selection, or a full page while surfing on your preferred browser.


Translate directly in your Office App part of your document or the whole document


Translate text and file directly in our native app and benefit from your OS shortcutr to translate any text selection an any app.



Upgrade to a level of translation closest to your job. With many tools that integrate with your work habits.