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Translation of professional documents

What is your daily struggle?

  • Respond to a call for tender in German
  • Understand a technical manual in French
  • Review a contract with a Japanese supplier
  • Respond to customer emails in Chinese
  • etc…

No need to juggle between apps with copy-pasting and to spend time reformatting your documents. SYSTRAN Translate PRO preserves the layout and saves you valuable time to focus on your business.

Save time and reduce your translation costs! Instantly translate PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Webpages , emails…

One-click Document Translation

Need to translate a 30-slide PowerPoint for a presentation tomorrow? With SYSTRAN, that’s possible in a few seconds !
Upload any Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF document. SYSTRAN generates a fully translated version instantly with your layout, graphs and illustrations entirely preserved! All translated documents are also editable if you need to make final corrections to make them perfect!

Microsoft Office and browser extension

Use our MS Office Plugins and save additional time! Translate your emails without leaving MS Outook, and your PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files while working on your documents!

Website translation

Web translation via your browser

Have you ever navigated a website in a foreign language and struggled to understand its content?

With SYSTRAN web browser extension available for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge Chromium, navigate websites in your native language and get the information you need in seconds.

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Say goodbye to approximate translations!

Artificial Intelligence specialized with your industry terminology

Translation technology has made tremendous progress in recent years which brought machine translation standard quality to a level that is acceptable in generic cases. But you’ve undoubtedly tested online translation tools and found limits in terms of quality.

In a professional context, you expect more than average quality. SYSTRAN is the only AI-translator to provide machine translation specialized to your professional domain, for precise translation of your industry vocabulary and jargon. The gain in quality is significant!

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Domain-specific translation

How translation models are specialized?
This is made possible by the learning capacity of AI-based translation.
SYSTRAN brings its own state-of-the-art translation technology which is used by a network of language and translation experts around the world. These specialists train the AI model in language and professional domain combinations to provide a catalog of pre-packaged translation models per domain of content. Domains available today:

Translation quality french english

Customize your translation tool to improve the accuracy of your translations

To improve translation consistency over time and increase productivity, use your own terminology by importing or creating your own Glossaries and Translation Memories.

Go further with Advanced User Dictionaries, a unique feature that supports word morphology, homographs, and inflections… Specify your own custom rules and ensure that your terminology is translated as desired regardless of context.

Give SYSTRAN Translate PRO a try

It’s free, no credit card required. You get to test all the features.


Keep Your Data Safe and Private with a Trusted Partner

We guarantee transparency and control over the data used to train our translation models by establishing partnerships with trusted organizations which are entitled to use it. This data, including the translation models created by our partners, remain their intellectual property.

We have a strict policy of not storing any text or documents submitted for translation to ensure confidentiality and security of your data. Unlike other providers, your data is not used to improve our services.

Our technical infrastructure was built with the highest security requirements. SYSTRAN servers are based in Europe and the Americas to comply with your local data protection regulation protocols.

Data-privacy Systran
Give SYSTRAN Translate PRO a try

It’s free, no credit card required. You get to test all the features.

API SYSTRAN integration outils internes

API integration into third-party applications

For developers. Integrate SYSTRAN’s translation technology into your internal or external applications: customer service platforms, Business intelligence, collaborative platforms, etc.

Built around a RESTful API, SYSTRAN translation can be used in all types of applications to make them multilingual.

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