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Download the SYSTRAN app available for Windows, Linux and Mac (coming soon) and experience the easiest way to translate.

  • Translate both text and documents
  • Translate text in any application with our quick translation shortcut
  • Access dictionaries and domain-specific alternative translations, for the most accurate translation
  • Translate securely with the highest data privacy standards on the market

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Quick translation shortcut

Translation should be effortless. Our app was designed to work directly within your applications for easier use.

Customize your keyboard shortcut. That’s all you need to open our translation pop-up instantly. You can use it from any type of office application or website. Inserting the translated result takes a matter of seconds.

SYSTRAN - Quick translation shortcut
SYSTRAN Translate PRO & Data Privacy

Secure text and document translation

Translate text as well as entire documents in formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and much more for greater speed.

Use SYSTRAN to translate any type of document, even confidential documents. You get a trusted solution with the highest data privacy standards on the market. We pledge not to store or use your data for any purpose other than delivering your translation.

Several translation alternatives based on your business sector

When you’re using online translation, you might think the output is not as precise as you’d like. You might wish you had several options to choose from.

SYSTRAN is the only online translator to provide a range of domain-specific alternative translations, for an accurate translation of your industry’s terminology and jargon. The gain in quality is significant!

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Use our plugins for Office 365 to save even more time!

Want to go even further? Translate your emails without leaving Outlook. Translate your PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files while working on your documents! You never have to leave your application, and that means significant time savings!

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