Global player and pioneer in translation technologies for professionals and businesses


Pioneer in translation technologies

SYSTRAN, headquartered in France with offices in Americas and Asia, has been a global leader in translation technologies for decades. We initiated major innovations in the field, including the first web-based translation portals in the 2000s and more recently, state-of-the-art machine translation technology based on Artificial Intelligence and neural networks, resulting in outstanding quality close to human translation.


Tailored translation solutions for businesses

SYSTRAN is the reference translation software provider for global companies, public organizations and governments for over 50 years. We have built strong linguistic expertise with more than 50 languages available in our catalog. In addition, working with clients in varied professional fields (legal, medical, technical, etc...) enabled us to develop tailored translation for each industry.


Neural Machine Translation (NMT) developed by SYSTRAN

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is based on complex algorithms at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

This technology developed early on by SYSTRAN enables the machine to be trained and improve significantly over time, resulting in high quality automated translation. SYSTRAN is the first player on the market to develop a catalog of industry-specific machine translation models dedicated to professional needs.

Our commitments

As a pure-player in machine translation, Research & Development is our priority to deliver state-of-the art technology and products with regular technology updates, with the constant search to offer the best experience to professional users.

We believe that technology is only a tool to enhance human expertise. That’s why we rely on a worldwide community of language experts to cover more than 50 different languages with in-domain specializations.

We guarantee transparency and control over the data used to train our translation models by establishing partnerships with trusted organizations which are entitled to use it. This data, including the translation models created by our partners, remain their property.

We are also taking actions to continuously optimize our translation technology to ensure the best balance between performance and energy consumption to minimize our environmental impact.

They trust SYSTRAN solutions

For over 50 years, SYSTRAN has provided and continues to provide secured and efficient translation solutions to businesses, governments and individuals.